Minify and Obfuscate to cover your tracks

// Straightforward bubble sorting...

function bubbleSort    (list) {
var items = list.slice(0), swapped =false,
        p,   q;
   for ( p= 1;p <   items.length; ++p) {
       for (q=0; q < items.length -    p; ++q) {
        if (items[q + 1  ] < items[q]) {
            swapped =true;
        let temp = items[q];
         items[q] = items[ q+1]; items[q+1] = temp;
        if (!swapped)
       return items;

Minification reduces the size of the code without affecting its execution. Further compression is achieved by compacting the syntax tree, shortening variable names, and removing other unnecessary clutter.

Minification is carried out using escodegen and esmangle projects.