Autocomplete makes coding tasks fun again

var capitalDb = {
    Indonesia: 'Jakarta',
    Germany: 'Berlin',
    Norway: 'Oslo'

var constants = [3.1415926535, 2.7182818284];

// Property completion: type "capitalDb." and press Ctrl+Space.

// Array inferencing: type "constants[0]." and press Ctrl+Space
// to list possible number conversion (e.g "toFixed").

 * Find the greatest common divisor of two numbers.
 * @param {number} a
 * @param {number} b
 * @return {number}
function gcd(a, b) {
    return (b === 0) ? a : gcd(b, a % b);

// Function signature: type "gc" and press Ctrl+Space

Autocompletion (press Ctrl+Space) is provided via a type inferencer, part of Content Assist module of Scripted, hooked into the editor based on Eclipse Orion.

The type inferencer supports both static code analysis and JSDoc-style type annotation.